About Rebecca

Photo by Ralph Reutimann

My curiosity about astrology began out of my love for stories and devotion to exploring what I’ve always felt as each person’s unique and sacred nature. And my inquisitiveness when I was young about death and birth, and why things happen that are sometimes traumatic and sometimes surprisingly wonderful.

I had an aunt who would go to psychics and astrologers; she and my mother would get together and talk about their miserable relationships. My aunt would advise and go on about how the moon and planets influence. I pulled up a chair or sometimes listened from behind the door and hung on every word. The old Dell astrology purse size magazines were my first introduction to reading about astrology.

That deep love of stories and a desire for understanding the complexity of our inner lives and relationships (Moon in Scorpio!) catapulted me into a Master’s program where I earned my M.A. in Contemplative Psychotherapy. I had a private psychotherapy practice and worked in community mental health services for several years. The astrology ghost though was never far away. It seemed to always pursue me from the background through books, dreams, and people who would show up in my life with wisdom, classes, and practical advise . I have been devoted to a rigorous independent study of astrology for nearly 20 years. Astrology is the crucial adjunct to counseling and to exploring our relationship with our Soul and Creator. As importantly, astrology aids us in navigating our daily challenges, offering remedies and practical considerations for everyday life.

I am a practioner and lifetime learner of astrology, as it is truly a lifelong study. I practice Western Tropical Astrology with a strong affinity for more classical philosophies and constructs namely Hellenistic and Jyotish.

I am also the executive director of Satori Institute, an arts, education, and research organization. I began studying and practicing healing arts modalities 35 years ago and am a practitioner and life long learner in the fields of traditional healing, consciousness, and the mind/body/soul relationship.  In addition, I am a long time collage artist, photographer, and writer.

Knowing one’s birth chart is like knowing one’s name. Becoming aware of the timing and cycles of changes within that map is very much like knowing the weather forecast and preparing accordingly. There is such depth and joy and coherence that one can receive from a good astrological consultation and counseling.