Full Moon in Leo January 28, 2021

The Red Stare- Jenny Saville

Here it comes again, like clockwork. The announcement. The completion. The end of a cycle, a month, a life. The moon having completed yet again its 28 day plus journey asks us to not turn away. Look up and not down. Stopped in traffic, racing to get groceries, or simply gazing out the window into the night there is always a moment to make that conenction with the full moon; reflect on the one thing you remember about these past few weeks that is ready to come to completion. A natural conclusion is often as simple as declaring it so. The moon is the prayer wheel, always changing, moving, making things new and fresh. The End and the Beginning.

And in Leo, there is such optimism for what is to come, such stamina and strength to call on. The Leo within will not be silenced. She/He will not be censored for roaring the truth. Leo Moon knows how to Love and how to fight for what she Loves. There is a fantastic stare about this Leo Moon. The stare of fierce opposition to that which oppresses her essence. Rightous Rage at those who strategize to silence her, destroy her, punish her for her radcial radiance and joy.

Look up, not down; ask Mother Lion to fill you with her fierce unflinching committment and devotion to self expression and speaking truth in a climate of despicable deceptions and cowardly imposters. Leo is shining her big bold light of Love, Fully in her Power, Staring Down the Forces of Fear.

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